Bakhusele Business Solutions Pty Ltd, is a Small business with its roots in Mpumalanga Province. Bakhusele meaning, “protect them”, essentially opened its doors on 12 September 2013.

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Our Vision

To accelerate the potential of both our Private and Public Sector clients thereby enhancing the achievement of their vision.

Our Mission

Our passion is to aim to become a successful and leading Company in acceleration of our Business Partners endeavour.

Our Purpose

Our aim is for unlocking our Client’s potential through “World Class” Service ensuring “World class Innovative Solutions.

Be part of our community

The Business as the name suggests has been introduced to provide solutions to many already existing businesses both from Private and Public sector businesses.

Strategies have been developed to grow the business and fast track it to a medium size business, this centres around the establishment of partnerships and associates with a focus to making a mark in administration, consulting and construction as well as the provision of sanitation solutions which are by far a huge challenge amongst many communities.  

The business is introduced today with a diversification of various income streams such as  Payroll administration, Change enablement, Value Added Tax (Vat) recovery/collection , Property Development, Civil works, Building construction, Waste Management, Municipal Waste Management (General Waste Management) and Landfill Management.

We are proud Members of the following organisations: